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  • – A beautifully designed all wood carry case with walnut finish
  • – Heavy duty hemp rope handles
  • – Molded bottle opener in the center of each washer
  • – Black felt landing surface with foam backing
  • – Oil rubbed bronze latches to lock targets into carrying case
  • – Includes: 2 Premium wood targets, 4 sky blue washers, 4 coral washers



Toss the washers into the cup or wooden box.


  • 1. Divide into two, even teams of 1 or 2 players, and decide which team will be the orange team and blue team.
  • 2. On a flat surface, place the washer boxes 20 ft. apart, measuring from cup to cup.
  • 3. One player from each team stands on either end of the play area near the washer box. (When playing one-on-one, both players throw in the same direction and rotate sides after each round.)


  • 1. To determine who goes first, one player from each team throws one washer. Whoever is closest to the cup (or makes it in the cup) can decide if they throw first or second.
  • 2. To start the game, Team 1 throws all 4 of their washers, one-at-a-time at the washer box.
  • 3. Then Team 2 throws their 4 washers, one-at-a time at the washer box.
  • 4. Once all 8 washers have been thrown, the scoring is determined, and play switches to the other side. Whichever team won the previous round throws first.


  • •Washer in the Cup = 3 Points
  • •Washer in the Box = 1 Point
  • •Points from opposing teams cancel each other out, so only 1 team scores points per round. At the end of each round, each team sums their total points, and the team with the most points is awarded the difference between their score and the opposing team’s score.
  • •If a team lands a washer on the top edge of the washer box, they automatically win the game.
  • •Play continues in rounds until one team reaches 21 points, and is crowned the winner.

Advanced Game Tip:
Scoring Variations: In some variations of washers, a team can only win if they earn exactly 21 points. If a team scores over 21 points, their score is deducted by the amount of points over 21, and play continues until a team earns exactly 21 points.