4 Forged steel horseshoes – professional grade.

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  • – 4 Forged steel horseshoes – professional grade
  • – A beautifully designed all wood carrying case with a walnut finish
  • – 2 stainless steel stakes for protection against rust
  • – Case is lined with molded foam insert to protect and hold the stakes and horseshoes
  • – Oil rubbed bronze latches to close the carrying case
  • – Heavy duty hemp rope handles



Throw (or “pitch”) the horseshoe so that it surrounds the stake or lands as close to the stake as possible.


  • 1 .Stakes are placed 40 feet apart.
  • 2. Stakes should extend 14 to 15 inches above the pit surface.
  • 3. Stakes may be inclined toward each other, but not more than a 3 inch lean.
  • 4. Stakes should be a minimum of 21 inches from the front and back of the pit.
  • 5. Pits should be a minimum of 31” wide and 43” deep and can be made of clay, sand, loose soil or any material that prevents excessive bouncing.
  • 6. A foul line is marked 3 feet in front of each stake for a 37’ throwing distance.


  • 1.Divide into two, even teams of 1 or 2 players, and decide which team is the blue team and green team.
  • 2.The winner of a coin toss decides whether their team will throw first or second.
  • 3.One player from each team should stand at each end of the play area near the stakes. (If playing one-on-one, both players throw in the same direction and rotate sides after each round.)


  • 1.Team 1 throws both horseshoes, one-at-a-time, standing behind the foul line.
  • 2.Team 2 throws both horseshoes, one-at-a-time, standing behind the foul line.
  • 3.Then, play switches to the other side, with the team who scored highest in the last round throwing first.


  • •Ringers = 3 Points
  • •Closest Shoe to the Stake = 1 Point

Advanced Game Tip:
A “ringer” is defined as a horseshoe that completely encircles the stake so that a straightedge across the open end of the shoe is not touching the stake. Ringers from opposing teams cancel each other out.

  • •A team earns 1 point for every shoe that is closer to the stake than the opposing team (not including ringers) and is within one horseshoe width of the stake (measured across the outside of the open end of the shoe or up to 6 in).
  • •“Leaners” (or a horseshoe leaning against the stake) are considered to be the closest shoe to the stake and count for 1 point.
  • •The first team to earn 40 points wins.

Example 1
Blue Team: Two Ringers (1 Cancels) Green Team: One Ringer (Cancels) + Closest Horseshoe = Blue Team +1

Example 2
Blue Team: Closest Horseshoe Green Team: One Ringer = Green Team +2, Blue Team +1

Example 3
Blue Team: Two Horseshoes closets to stake (including a leaner) Green Team: No Horseshoes within 6 in of stake = Blue Team +2