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The flagship Goalrilla DC72E1 (direct connect) basketball goal is the top residential goal on the market. This goal is regulation size with a 72″ x 42″ clear view glass backboard. The height adjustment actuator makes it simple to raise and lower the goal.
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No other basketball hoop can stack up to the DC72E1. Unlike other adjustable goals – which rely on the board and board frame to absorb vertical forces during play – all vertical forces on the Goalrilla DC72E1 are transferred via a DIRECT CONNECTION to a 4″ steel beam – completely bypassing the backboard and its frame. It’s Goalrilla tough – beyond the strength needed for the most brutal play.

The DC72E1’s patented rim design is directly anchored to the steel structure of the basketball hoop, allowing it to support over twice as much force as rims that are supported by the glass backboard. With Direct Connect Technology, when someone dunks on the goal, all of the energy is transferred to the steel rather than the glass for the ability to withstand up to one ton of pressure.

The DC72E1 features dual welded board arms — creating twice the strength of unsupported board arms. Both the upper and lower board arms are supported by, not one, but two reinforcing blocks of steel that significantly reduce goal vibration and increase structural integrity. This technology and others make the DC72E1 the toughest basketball hoop on the planet.

Rugged steel is used throughout our basketball hoops, providing the uncompromising strength of a Goalrilla. To protect this steel, our hoops are covered in DuPont® Powder Coating for ultimate rust and UV protection, maintaining the performance and look of the basketball goal.


  • Anchor System
  • Heavy Weight Flex Rim
  • Universal Backboard Pad


Backboard: 72″ x 42″ Direct Connect Backboard
Glass: 1/2″ thick
Rim: Heavy-weight pro-style flex rim
Pole Size: 7 Gauge, 6″ x 8″ one-piece steel pole
Overhang: 4′ (welded extension arms)
Actuator: All-steel, 7.5′ to 10′ height adjustment
Coating: DUPONT® powder coating
Shipping Weight: 555 lbs.