360 Pro swing set

Create fun your way.  Choose from 3 different swing frame sizes, swings, and accessories.

FREE Shipping and Professional installation is available.

Starting at $699.99

  • Small Frame: Capacity up to 1 swing; Medium Frame: Capacity up to 2 swings; Large Frame: Capacity up to 3 swings
  • Small Frame: Capacity up to 1 swing; Medium Frame: Capacity up to 2 swings; Large Frame: Capacity up to 3 swings
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360 Pro Swing Set

Customize your 360 Pro Swing Set with an expanding range of swings, set configurations, and accessories.

STEP 1: 

Choose your 360 Pro Swing Set FRAME SIZE:

  • SMALL FRAME (inches) – 90.5 W x 80 D x 91 H
  • MEDIUM FRAME (inches) – 139.7 W x 80 D x 91 H
  • LARGE FRAME (inches) – 183 W x 80 D x 91 H

Vuly 360 Pro Swing Set Sizes


Choose your swings:

  • Vuly 360 Spin Swing
    Add a Spin Swing $299.99
  • Vuly Yoga Swing
    Add a Yoga Swing $119.99
  • Vuly Nest Swing
    Add a Nest Swing $189.99


Add more fun with Vuly accessories:

  • Vuly Basketball Hoop
    Add a Basketball Hoop $189.99
  • Vuly Water Mister
    Add a Water Mister $59.99
  • Vuly Pulse Speaker
    Add a Pulse Speaker $39.99

Why Choose the 360 Pro Swing Set?

Premium Rust Defense

Protect against weather. 360 Swing Set’s triple treatment process comprises of:

  1.  Heat Treatment
  2. Double Galvanization
  3. Powder-coating

Stronger Construction

Enjoy years of fun, with two times thicker and 40% wider parts.

Fully Upgradable

All it takes is an Upsize Kit and an extra swing to turn your Small frame into a Medium or your Medium frame into a Large.

Sturdy Structure

Let your children play with confidence on a solid A-frame fully secured with anchors.

Vuly 360 Pro Swing Set Product Specifications:

  • Max combined user weight limit (pounds) – 330
  • Max user weight per swing weight limit (pounds) – 176
  • Number of Boxes:
    • Small Frame – 2
    • Medium Frame – 3
    • Large Frame – 4
  • Box Weight (pounds):
    • Small Frame: Box 1 – 79; Box 2 – 82
    • Medium Frame: Box 1 – 79; Box 2 – 82; Box 3 – 12
    • Large Frame: Box 1 – 79; Box 2 – 82; Box 3 – 12; Box 4 – 12
  • Box Dimensions (inches):
    • Small Frame: Box 1 – 44 x 16 x 6; Box 2 – 43 x 17 x 13
    • Medium Frame: Box 1 – 44 x 16 x 6; Box 2 – 43 x 17 x 13; Box 3 – 44 x 7 x 3
    • Large Frame: Box 1 – 44 x 16 x 6; Box 2 – 43 x 17 x 13; Box 3 – 44 x 7 x 3; Box 4 – 44 x 7 x 3

Free Shipping

Available for prompt delivery, so ships in two to four days.


We do offer professional installation, so please call us for more information.

360 Pro Swing Set Warranty

This warranty is for use under normal conditions, and it applies for:

  • 120 months [10 years] to all Frame components

All Vuly products are sold with a manufacturing warranty, which assures that the item is free of defects in workmanship and materials (“warranty”).

Vuly offers the longest and most extensive warranties in the market on all our swing set models. We provide comprehensive after-sales service, which we believe encourages the customer to purchase from Vuly instead of our competitors.

Warranty periods always commence from the date of item dispatch – unless documentation from an authorized third-party installer provides an actual set-up date.

Warranty periods on swing sets do not reset for any reason, unless the customer purchases an entirely new product. In this case, that particular product will be covered by its own warranty period. It does not affect – nor will it increase – warranty periods for other purchased items.

Replacing any parts that constitute a trampoline or swing set do not change the original warranty period of that product. For more information, click here.

Half-Price Parts for Life

Vuly offers half-price replacement parts to all customers on core components of their swing set purchase – for the lifetime of the product – through the Half-Price Parts for Life program.

This program is subject to change at any time, and it is only available to customers who have purchased either through an authorized reseller or directly through Vuly.

Half-Price Parts for Life is only available to customers who wish to replace parts that are core components of their swing set frame. These parts include:

  • Frame Tubes and Legs
  • Joiners
  • Swing Rails

The program does not extend to individual Swings (which are customizable, and therefore not ‘core components’), accessories or Shade Cover.

Your Warranty does not cover:

  • Damage through normal wear and tear
    – Including surface or non-structural rusting and UV deterioration
  • Damage through weather conditions
    – Including wind and rain
  • Damage through improper installation, insufficient care and/or maintenance
  • Damage through inappropriate use
    – Including commercial use and the use of non-Vuly parts
  • Personal injury
  • Installation

Are you looking for a deeply mark downed Vuly 360 Pro Swing Set?  View our FLOOR MODEL DISPLAY page.

Additional information

Select Size:

Large Frame – 3 positions, Medium Frame – 2 positions, Small Frame – 1 position

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