2ft x 4ft Premium wood target.

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  • – 2ft x 4ft Premium wood target
  • – A beautifully designed all wood target with a walnut finish
  • – Thick metal legs add stability to your target
  • – Legs and bags store easily under the targets
  • – Heavy duty canvas ropes are weatherproof
  • – 16mm hemp rope handles



Throw the bean bags into the target or onto the board.


  • 1. Setup the boards on a level playing surface. The boards should be horizontally facing one another with the holes on the outside and 27 ft. apart from the inner edges of the boards.
  • 2. Divide into two teams of 2 or 4 players and choose which team is the green team and blue team.
  • 3. With 4 players, 1 player from each team stands on each end of the play area adjacent to the board. (With two players, both players stand on the same side and rotate sides after each round.)


  • 1. Do a coin toss to determine which team throws first.
  • 2. Aiming for the hole in the board, both teams throw in the same direction, alternating blue team and green team.
  • 3. Players must throw from behind the foul line, which is the end of the board they are standing next to.
  • 4. Once all bags have been thrown, the score is determined.
  • 5. Play switches to the opposite side and the team that scored the most points in the previous round throws first.


  • •Bag in the Hole = 3 Points
  • •Bag on the Board = 1 Point
  • •Points from opposing teams cancel each other out, so only 1 team scores points per round. At the end of each round, each team sums their total points, and the team with the most points is awarded the difference between their score and the opposing team’s score.
  • •Points are tallied after all bags have been thrown, and points are counted based on the final position of the bags. As such, bags knocked off the board do not count for any points and bags knocked into the hole, by either team, count as 3 points.
  • •Any bag that hits the ground is dead and cannot count for points (even if it bounces onto the board), and should be removed before play continues.
  • •Play continues in rounds until 1 team reaches 21 points, and is winning by at least 2 points.

Advanced Game Tip:
Play offensively by knocking opposing bags off the board to prevent the other team from scoring, but be careful not to knock their bag into the hole, so they get additional points.

Blue Team: Two in the Hole (6 Points) + 1 on the Board (1 Point) = 7 Points Green Team: One in the Hole (3 Points) + 2 on the Board (2 Points) = 5 Points Blue Team is awarded 2 Points

Blue Team: One in the Hole (3 Points) + None on the Board (0 Points)= 3 Points Green Team: None in the Hole (0 Points) + Three on the Board (3 Points) = 3 Points 0 Points No team is awarded points.