If your child can imagine it, wooden swingsets and playsets from Woodplay can make it real. Swings and monkey bars become amazing circus shows, rock climbing walls and rope ladders transform into Mount Everest. Woodplay outdoor wooden swing sets and playsets offer limitless possibilities for imagining, storytelling, games, exercise, and just plain fun. With so many opportunities for creative and active play, Woodplay gives your child the best swingset on the block.

  • Outback Series

    Outback Series (15)

    The Outback Series wide-angle ladders create roomier play spaces beneath the playset.
  • Playhouse Series

    Playhouse Series (15)

    The Playhouse Series square base playsets allow for popular accessories such as the 6-in-1 Picnic Table or Bonus Room.
  • Megaset

    Megaset (4)

    The Mega Sets Series offers playsets that are as big as your imagination!
  • Space Savers

    Space Savers (6)

    The Space Saver Series is perfect for the family that wants big fun in a small yard.
  • Safari Series

    Safari Series (13)

    The Safari Series offers both wide-angle & square base playsets in a value-oriented line. Available in Cedar only