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Sales of playground equipment for the home have been steadily rising over the past few decades, but a surprising number of people don't use any kind of protective rubber protection underneath their playground equipment to protect those that use it. Part of the reason is that many people don't realize that such a substance even exists. If you are thinking about purchasing any playground equipment at all, even if it is just a swing set, you should consider getting playground rubber mulch that can be spread in seconds underneath the swing just in case there is ever an accident. We've all used swings at one point or another and tried to go as high as we could. Sometimes we manage to catch ourselves and nothing happens, but once in a while, we slip and if there is no soft playground rubber mulch to land on, the bump can be pretty big.

Rubber Bark Makes the Difference

Rubber bark has been around for a while now and is commonly seen at commercial playgrounds around the country. If you aren't sure where you can place your rubber bark, it goes perfectly underneath:

  • At the base of a slide and underneath the ladder
  • Under a Jungle Gym
  • Under the Monkey Bars
  • Underneath, and in the back and front of swings
  • Underneath any Rope Ladder

Having mulch in all of these places can make a big difference, especially if your home playground is large and more than a few feet off the ground. We all remember what it is like to be a child: we trip, we fall and we get right back up and keep playing. We can't prevent every bump and bruise our kids get, but we can look out for them as best we can by providing a safe play environment that they'll love.

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